How Craigslist Finally Paid Off

My Craigslist trolling finally paid off last week in the form of a three-day conference gig. But, it gets better. Not only did I meet some great people (with some other freelancing opportunities), there’s also the opportunity to keep working for the guy that hired me in the first place.

My days were spent taking notes, writing blog posts and Tweeting—all from atop a perch on the stage. The setup was a little bizarre—as you can see to the left—but people seemed to enjoy it. It certainly started a lot of conversations with people who otherwise might not have bothered.

You can check out my coverage at Daily Deal Media, where my byline might appear quite frequently from now on.

Vote for Me, Not My Facebook Account

This is a piece I pitched, reported and wrote for Slate at the tail end of my internship. The article looks at ways for future politicians to stay safe on Facebook so it doesn’t come back to haunt them:

People who work in politics have always had to worry about what they did before they worked in politics. But the sheer size and popularity of Facebook— 140 million active users, at least 139.99 million of whom have been photographed drunk at a college party—present budding politicians (and budding political operatives) with a dilemma: How do they keep those pics from showing up on the front page?

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