Ten simple things you can do today for better oral hygiene

A great smile isn’t just a way to make new friends; it also shows off your pearly whites! But having good oral hygiene is more than having great looking teeth. Maintaining good oral health helps to prevent dental and medical issues, such as gum disease, bone loss, and even heart disease. Here are 10 simple things you can do for better oral hygiene.

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Identifying and aiding victims of human trafficking

Human trafficking comes with many misconceptions, including that it’s not a problem in Wisconsin and that when it does happen, the victims aren’t local.

Both of those aren’t true. In 2015, Milwaukee tied Las Vegas for the highest number of victims uncovered in a nationwide human trafficking sting. The city is considered a hub of human trafficking, particularly sex trafficking – and many of those victims are from the north side of Milwaukee.

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Why Content Creators Shouldn’t Settle for Outdated Legacy Workflows

I ghostwrote this blog for Verizon Digital Media Services.

In today’s digital age of productivity apps, it’s shocking just how many publishers are still using outdated workflows and legacy systems to manage their video content. I’ve talked to content studios that still track production schedules on manually updated spreadsheets, and others that are still locked into clunky legacy systems designed before the advent of OTT. Some smaller content providers may not have any real workflow system at all. All this stands in stark contrast to the advanced technology these same companies use to create and distribute their content externally.

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A Presidential Experience

In February 1990, Dr. John Weigelt, MD, DVM, professor of surgery and chief of trauma and critical surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin, found himself aboard the USS Nassau off the shore of Barranquilla, Colombia, preparing for a possible medical emergency involving the U.S. President George H.W. Bush.

So how did a surgeon then living in Dallas end up accompanying a U.S. President to Colombia? That involves a bit of a history lesson.

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Doctor Dad

Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay student Ryan Berns (Class of 2018) knew it was a possibility, but when he found himself faced with the reality that he was going to deliver his own child he thought, “This is really happening.”

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MCW and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Collaborate to Help Sick Bonobo

This was an incredibly popular story for the Medical College that garnered several media placements.

On a Friday this past November, Dr. Rainer Gedeit, a professor of pediatric critical care at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), was on his way to pick up his mother to run some errands when he got an unusual call. The Milwaukee County Zoo needed help with a sick animal.

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