Event Mini Program

Worked with Healthy Schools Campaign program staff to develop content and designer to develop layout. Mini program was handed out at an event with 700 attendees. Advertisements

The millennial marketing puzzle

Born between 1980 and 1999, millennial consumers make up the largest U.S. demographic group among the generational groups widely used by marketers. They shop quite differently than their elders, and e-retailers have to learn to relate to capture their loyalty. The typical millennial lives on her smartphone, connects with friends and family on several social […]

A PayPal founder introduces a new way to pay for cash-strapped web shoppers

Many of the customers of cosmetics e-retailer Beautylish are shopping for personal use, but others are makeup artists shopping for products she plans to use at freelance gigs. That causes a cash flow issue, says Nils Johnson, Beautylish’s founder, because the customer has to pay for the product up front before she gets paid for […]

For Love & Money

It all started with a press conference and kernel of an idea. For the March 2014 issue of Milwaukee Magazine, I analyzed what the economic ramifications of same-sex marriage might be if the state of Wisconsin legalized it. What I found was a large figure, but an even larger impact. Read the story here.

20 of the Most Creative Milwaukeeans: Ken Leinbach

We’re on the top level of the tower at the Urban Ecology Center’s Riverside Park branch, clear views of Downtown to the south and the new Rotary Centennial Arboretum to the west. Ken Leinbach, the center’s executive director, has just shoveled in his lunch. “When you’re up here, you get a different perspective,” he says. […]

20 of the Most Creative Milwaukeeans: Brad Pruitt

For Emmy-winning filmmaker Brad Pruitt, it’s function over form. Although his past few projects have been documentaries – Bending Toward the Light about education and Mark My Words about spoken-word poets – Pruitt is returning to narrative for his upcoming film, Behind Closed Doors. Narrative just makes sense for this story, he says. The film […]

End of the Line

The Milwaukee County Transit System has been trapped in a budget-induced death spiral – increased fares and reduced service, leading to fewer riders and less revenue, leading to increased fares and reduced service. But it wasn’t always that way. Can an out-of-state, for-profit company resurrect the public system? Read the story on milwaukeemag.com.

Nick Cave’s strangely arresting soundsuits

The Milwaukee Art Museum’s “30 Americans” opened with a bang this past weekend. The collection of art by 31 contemporary African American artists is stunning, but the compilation of colorful suits scattered throughout the space provide the most compelling and curious perspective. Read more on milwaukeemag.com.

Glitter vs. Grit

Rounding the corner, she looks ahead to a group of skaters, trying to catch up. It seems promising, but as she squats deep into the turn, a skate catches. She trips and goes down. Hard. A skater tumbles over her, and yet another over her. Four women end up tangled on the track. One gets […]