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Not your typical mom-and-pop shop

The transition is seamless: When 18-year-old Wheaton North senior Marisa Capua leaves school at 1:30 p.m., she heads to Uptown Girl in downtown Wheaton to take over for her mother, Penny Zuidema, who owns the store.

Together, the pair runs the women’s clothing boutique — only enlisting outside help during the busy summer months.
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Homeless vets shelter helps transform lives

Franklin Everett, 53, is a big man with a deep voice that resonates through the halls of the two-story, 100-year-old building that houses the Nicholas Larson Home for Veterans, the official name of the housing development at the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans (MSHV).

Everett, originally from Chicago, had a steady job. But after going on a drug binge, he found himself unemployed with nowhere to go, “as the story goes so often,” he said.
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Community pitches in to help 3-year-old fight cancer

On the back of the Ames family’s Chrysler minivan, stick figure decals represent the six members of the Wheaton family. Drew Ames is fourth from the right, but the 3-year-old has been at the center of the family’s life since he was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive form of brain cancer in June.
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The Ability Barrier

Companies wishing to employ those with disabilities in India face an uphill battle as lax anti-discrimination laws and lack of incentives make it a tough proposition.
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Learning from the Microfinance Fallout

The Indian microfinance sector is making strides in recovering from the crisis last fall. What lessons can the global community learn from what happened in Andhra Pradesh?
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Private Education for the Poor

A sector of affordable private schools is emerging in the developing world. But how can investors take part?
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Man Ray’s Signature Work

In 1935, the avant-garde photographer Man Ray opened his shutter, sat down in front of his camera and used a penlight to create a series of swirls and loops. Because of his movements with the penlight, his face was blurred in the resulting photograph. As a self-portrait—titled Space Writings—it seemed fairly abstract.
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Memoirs of a World War II Buffalo Soldier

On his dining room table James “Pat” Daugherty had arranged some old faded photographs from his Army days, his Bronze Star, a copy of his recently published World War II memoir, The Buffalo Saga, and his olive-drab steel helmet, marred near the visor by a chunk of now-rusted iron.
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Vote for Me, Not My Facebook Account

People who work in politics have always had to worry about what they did before they worked in politics. But the sheer size and popularity of Facebook—140 million active users, at least 139.99 million of whom have been photographed drunk at a college party—present budding politicians (and budding political operatives) with a dilemma: How do they keep those pics from showing up on the front page?
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The Quiet Protestor

Twenty-seven-year-old Melissa Mummert pushes her way through shouting protesters, many holding signs that read “Execute Justice, not People” or “Enforce the death penalty.” Wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops, Mummert shivers slightly from the cold breeze blowing in off San Francisco Bay. As she works through the crowd, she spots a group of Buddhists sitting and praying in the midst of the chaos. The calm in the middle of the storm. “That’s where I’m going,” she thinks.
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Through My Eyes

Somewhere in Columbia’s First Ward lies a small, insignificant glass shard. Through the lens of 10-year-old Aaniyaha Williams, though, it’s not some discarded piece of a long-forgotten bottle. It’s a diamond.
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Video: Kitchen at the Golden Temple

This sacred shrine in India feeds over 100,000 people a day regardless of race, religion and class.


Interactive Graphic: Space Writings Illuminated

See where Man Ray wrote his name in lights for his self-portrait.



Photo Gallery: Meet Sesame Street’s Global Cast of Characters

Over the course of the 40 years that the program has been on the air, Sesame Street has spawned versions in countries around the world.


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